ISPE ENGage Engineering Student Poster Session Contest

ISPE - Illinois Society of Professional Engineers

Illinois Society of Professional Engineers (ISPE) presents this year’s ENGage Engineering Virtual Poster Session Contest! Please upload your poster and presentation video for our panel of professional judges to review! This contest is open to junior and senior students currently enrolled in an undergraduate engineering program at an Illinois-based university. 

Present your student-faculty research in these 5 CATEGORIES*:

·    Civil Engineering

·    Electrical Engineering

·    Environmental Engineering

·    Mechanical Engineering  

·    Structural Engineering

*Reviewers have expertise in these specific fields. Future events may have expanded categories.

Cash prizes will be awarded for the TOP THREE presenters:

·    1st Place: $500

·    2nd Place: $300

·    3rd Place: $100

All required materials must be submitted by Saturday April 15, 2023. You will be contacted after that date with additional information. 

Posters will be judged on the following:

·  Overall Appearance

·  Logical Organization and Flow

·  Meaningful Graphics

·  Text Communication of Content and Data

·  Clarity of Purpose, Goals, Methodology, and Results

·  Discussions, Conclusions, and Recommendations

·  Technical Accomplishments and Design Lessons Learned 

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Solar Panel Performance Enhancement: The Synergistic Effects of Water and Green Roofs for Cooling 

Kimberly Roskamp, Dr. Serdar Celik, Dr. William Retzlaff

While solar panels are great for the environment, they are not the most efficient in collecting all the solar energy that interacts with them, especially in warm climates that seem to get the most sunlight. This is mostly because when solar panels are too warm, it decreases the efficiency of the solar power that they generate. In some climate areas, there is increased potential to create a lot of dust collection on the solar panel which can cause a loss of efficiency as well. In this study, an experiment will be conducted to study the effects of a joint green roofing system as well as an irrigated system on a solar panel's performance. I predict that cooling the solar panel with both running water over the top and a green roof underneath will increase efficiency by cooling the panel and alleviating dust collection.
Presented by
Kimberly Roskamp <>
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Bohn and Dawson Squad Car Bumper- T13 Senior Design

Bradley Sharrar, Sean Howarter, Allen LaMaster, Jack Patterson

Bradley Mechanical Engineering Team 13’s, on behalf of Bohn and Dawson Inc. (based in St. Louis, Missouri) sought to create a physical solution to prevent the striking of police officers while conducting a traffic stop. The Illinois law referred to as Scott’s Law, attempts to ensure oncoming traffic move lanes for parked law enforcement and emergency vehicles, yet motorists often ignore this . To combat this problem, this design team created a bumper to be fitted onto a Ford Explorer Interceptor which is a commonly used vehicle by police departments. The bumper was affixed to a commercial Reese hitch and includes a pneumatic system that extends off the driver’s side of the vehicle upon activation. This creates a component of physical protection for the officer. Equally important, the design also utilizes chasing lights to further increase safety of the police officer by increasing the visibility of the bumper device.
Presented by
Allen LaMaster
Bradley University, Mechanical Engineering